I do not exist. Only You exist.

I like to think that I'm beat.

And it rained today,
so much more
than I’d expected.
Water was falling from skies,
from eyes, and I
was supposed to
make use of it somehow.
“Sell some shoes, mend some wounds,
and give us the old
corporate monetary advancement.” I
could come home happy,
regardless of anything,
save a set of numbers
that now try
to define my
small life
in the retail world, where the
cash’s in the shortest skirts
and the quickest of tongues.
Capitalistic compliments
on a day raked in and
a mediocre amount of money
that made
the mall go ‘round
for a day.
At some point
I’ve got to get out,
stuck inside a cruel,
complete, concrete
machine. I still felt
a drop against my cheek.

Still light
and the sun shines
the best it can
to show off the streaks
from the hair on your head
and light blue dress
that covers your legs.

Still dark
from the blast
through your heart,
threw you back
on a sidewalk, and
you found crawling best,
gave up on a sprint
that would land you
somewhere better than
a late night downtown
and an early morning
on the clock.

There’s hope
in a busy time card,
and there’s life
somewhere behind the sin.
I pray we’ll get out,
and find doors open
for the plan b’s, the alternate endings,
and the self-proclaimed
lost causes.

Busted out some classics.

Busted out some classics.

I’ve been telling people that I cut my hair while in the middle of a mental breakdown reminiscent of a certain blonde pop star in 2007. I almost immediately tell most people that I’m kidding, but it’s still sort of funny to me. I’ve also been feeling strangely in reference to any sort of thoughts concerning romance. It’s almost a bore to think about at this point, so, despite the fact that I already haven’t been “looking” for any sort of romance, I’m further decreasing any effort to become involved with anyone romantically. In case you were wondering..

Anonymous asked: Okay i need to ask if you are a fan of clerks because if you aren't i give up on my deductive reasoning skills. It just seems like a movie youd like.

I’ve never seen it, but I’ll give it a watch if I come across the opportunity.

Anonymous asked: Where have you been?

I’ve been somewhere between hell and high water, under the overpass by the gated community, next door to a hospital, unable to get in.

So this happened.

So this happened.

I kind of want to drive to Oklahoma City to see Listener and 68, but I also want to go to a used bookstore, eat ice cream, ride my bicycle, get a haircut, start moving out, and sit at my favorite coffee shop. Why do I only have one day off a week?