I do not exist. Only You exist.

I like to think that I'm beat.
So this happened.

So this happened.

I kind of want to drive to Oklahoma City to see Listener and 68, but I also want to go to a used bookstore, eat ice cream, ride my bicycle, get a haircut, start moving out, and sit at my favorite coffee shop. Why do I only have one day off a week?



Foxing - Rory

but my hands shake and shudder at the mention / of half written reasons why we’ll only be friends / i swear i’m a good man / so why don’t you love me back?

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I miss hanging out with cats.

Someone bless the man who mourns his own death. He drowns in the vanity of his tears.

Someone bless the mall-walker, last true disciple of fanny pack and Sketchers.